About Me

Maybe a mix of creative and strategic at the same time, I’m fueled by projects that inspire my artsy side while also keeping things organized.  I love helping others find ways to fall in love with their home.  I whole heartedly believe that when your home works for you, it inspires happiness.  And that’s one of those things that we could all use a little more of.

Being on the client side of building my own home a couple of years ago, it made me realize that if building was a little overwhelming for me (someone in the industry) then it was sure to be stressful for others too.  So, I’m offering first-hand, practical, and usable information so that the building or remodeling process can be enjoyable for you.

Want Even More?

I’m a mommy and law-enforcement wife with a huge passion for photography, iced coffee, country music, and the lake.  I married my ruggedly handsome high-school sweetheart and even after all of these years together we still like to hold hands and go on adventures together.  The greatest thing we’ve ever done is raise our daughter (7) and our son (5).  I’m a total jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and I love everything about Wisconsin.  Seriously, if I could describe my ideal place to be, I’d be sitting at a bonfire by a lake up-north, watching my kids splash around in the water after a day of boating, while I’m drinking a Spotted Cow and snacking on cheese curds.  It doesn’t get more Wisconsin than that, am I right?

I’m a former perfectionist who got swept up into the beautiful chaos of motherhood.  I’m constantly striving for balance at home as I work on loving my little family.  When I’m not working in the building industry, you can find me with a camera in my hand.  I own and operate Don’t Blink Photography where I have the unique opportunity to make time stand still for so many amazing clients.