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weekend project: ledge shelf photo display

By November 17, 2020No Comments

I’ve been working on my master bedroom revamp for what seems like forever.  Ideas that I first started thinking about during the first few weeks of quarantining this past spring, finally started to come to life last month when the busyness of summer finally allowed it.  I’m not quite done with the whole room yet, but I did put together a fun little project last week that made a huge impact – a ledge shelf photo display.

You’ve probably seen these before because the idea is pretty popular.  But in the most simple description, it’s a floating shelf with a little lip on the edge that holds up photo frames that lean against the wall.  It’s a pretty neat alternative to hanging frames individually and it allows you to layer some frames too which is neat.  And the best part of this project?  I bought everything that I needed for this online.  That means that you can do this project at home too (this weekend if you want!), and you don’t even have to set foot in a store!

Here’s a link to the floating ledge shelves that I purchased.  I was super impressed with the quality of these shelves, and they are the perfect driftwood gray color.  They were maybe a little more than I would’ve liked to spend on these, but the great quality made me feel like it was worth it.  I ended up buying three of them.  They are 35″ long, and I ended up hanging two of them tight together to create one long shelf with a shorter one on top.  There’s a little seam where they come together, but thanks to my husband’s awesome hanging skills 🙂 – it’s barely noticeable.

Next, I chose two different size black frames with a white mat around them.  I bought this pack of four frames that take an 8X10 photo with the mat, and then a set of eight frames that take a 5X7 photo with the mat.  For the three shelves, these two packs filled them the way that you see in my photos here, with just two of the little frames left over which I’ll use in a different spot in the house.  Then finish your project by picking some of your favorite photos and send them in online to have prints mailed to you!  Photographer tip:  Make sure that you’re always getting matte finish on your images that you’re framing.  It keeps the colors so much truer and looks the best on  your walls.  Some of my favorite places to order prints from are or, to name a couple.

I hope you guys get to add a project like this to your walls too!  I’ve found myself stopping to stare at it so many times this past week because I love it so much and it’s such a great reminder of the fun times we had this summer.

Love, Erin